Core stability and Posture Correction

This is a huge subject.  Most people know they should be working on their core stability, but don’t how to, we all know we shouldn’t slouch – but we still do, and we still bend our backs the wrong way to pick things up off the floor. Every single exercise we do should be done with the correct posture otherwise core injuries will occur. Whether you suffer from back pain, want to lift huge weights, want improve your sports performance, or simply want to stand tall and look good….  Core stability is the answer.

Back pain

Hours sat in chairs, behind desks, in the car, on the sofa, carrying children – have led to rounded shoulders and weak backs. This leads to lower back pain, and it’s reported that 80% of Britain’s population suffer or will suffer from back pain. Let’s get it sorted out – we can prevent it, and we can cure it.

Standing tall and Proud

Simply by improving your core stability, your back will be more protected, you’ll stand higher, shoulders back, stomach in, statuesque, and you’ll be better prepared to take on whatever the day throws at you. I have clients who’ve said that improving their posture has helped their self-esteem, it’s a natural confidence booster – forget the botox, the implants, and the inflated muscles, let’s get your posture sorted out, it’s what your body has been crying out for!