WHY Personal training??


Everyone knows it – being fit and healthy is a vital part of life. You look better, feel better, and it helps stave off illness, infection and disease.  Healthy people have more energy, spend less time feeling tired or suffering from aches and pains.

We know we should be healthier but so many people simply can’t get round to it. Even when we do embark on a health and fitness crusade, it’s often done incorrectly, or simply not at a high enough intensity.

This is where I can help – as an advanced level 3 qualified personal trainer I can tell you exactly how you should be exercising.

I offer a free health check and consultation – this is where we’ll check your weight, fat%, heart rate, blood pressure and body measurements – then we’ll talk about exactly what you want to achieve. We’ll also regularly check your health statistics – so you can see the results of the work you’re putting in.

Knowledge – years of research and courses have furnished me with the information and know-how to create the right exercises and the ability to show you how they should be done to avoid injury, and make them most effective. I can tell you if it’s your tight Psoas Major that’s causing your lower back pain, I can tell you why after all these years you’re still not the weight you want to be. I can tell how to reveal that 6 pack (and it’s NOT 100’s of sit ups!) we might even get your glutes firing properly!!

Correct posture and technique are absolutely vital to avoid hideous damage, and I’ll be on hand to make sure you’re getting it right.

Motivation - Unfortunately humans are naturally slightly lazy, and need the motivation and drive offered by a personal trainer – speak to anyone who’s used one (a good one!) and they’ll tell you what a huge difference it makes.

I’ll create interesting programs that will progress as you progress. I’ll make sure you achieve your goals quickly and safely. If you want to be nurtured and coerced through the process....I can nurture, if you want to be driven hard and shouted at....I’ll shout.