Cycle Fit

Cycling is a marvellous way of improving you heart and lung function, and a very effective method of losing weight and toning the legs and posterior.
Mountain biking offers the extra benefit of being an upper body work out aswell. Here in Bristol we’re spoilt for choice. Ashton Court and Leigh Woods have just had hundreds of thousands of pounds spent on gorgeous new trails dedicated to mountain bikes. They’ve been cleverly designed to be a great laugh for beginners and experts –at all times of the year. There’ll also be a fancy new café near the golf course in the spring for a well-earned  après ride refuel. You don’t even need a fancy bike, so long as it works and can cope with a bit rough of terrain you’ll be fine. Even if you bike is a bit creaky – I’ll have a look at it for you.

Whilst talking bikes, I have to mention night riding – if you haven’t tried it, it’s an absolute must - almost the most fun you can have in the dark. I’ve got spare high powered lights you can borrow that turn night into day. I’ve been round the trails a 1000 times so we won’t get lost! Let’s give it a go… you will get hooked on the latest BIG thing in riding.