Endurance training

Cycling, swimming, running, team sports, or just life in general all require endurance training. Focusing on lean efficient muscles, and outstanding cardiovascular health (heart and lungs) We don’t want HUGE rippling muscles here. Lower weights and higher reps will tone muscles, and burn fat.
Interval training and Fartlec training (random intensity)  will elevate your overall fitness to new levels. We’ve all plodded around the Downs day after day, wondering why we’re not getting fitter… well the body simply adjusts to a certain level of exertion. Shock it into change by altering the intensity – and you’ll see the results.
It’s not easy pushing yourself to work harder on your own, but I will design a routine specific to your needs, and I’ll make sure you are pushed out of your comfort zone, and into a zone that will see you getting fitter and faster.