Weight Management

Another vital subject this one…..  people want to lose weight for a multitude of reasons, it could be for health reasons, to look and feel better, loose the tummy, slim the legs, define the muscles, drop a dress size, look good for a wedding, reveal a six pack, perk up the posterior, the choice is yours – and I can help.

Don’t spend hours doing sit-ups hoping it will burn tummy fat – it won’t, the body will burn fat from wherever it wants. Cardio is good, as are compound exercises that use as many muscles as possible. Routines that use legs, core, arms and shoulders all at the same time are a guaranteed way of burning fat. Once again –plodding around a field or grinding away on an exercise bike will only get you so far.

High intensity training using lots of muscle groups will not only burn fat during exercise, but will actually keep burning fat for hours afterwards as the body repairs itself. I’ll make sure you not only lose the fat, but don’t pile the weight back on in muscle…. Unless indeed that’s what you want.

We’ll look at your diet, keep a food diary if you like – I’ll help you make the necessary lifestyle changes to start making real differences in your appearance.

It won't be long until your friends and family start remarking "Crikey - you look fit, are you using an outstanding personal trainer?" and you can reply "Yes, I most certainly am - I found James Godley PT on the internet, and he's helped me carve out this body to die for..... give him a call"....